K-12 Education at the Environmental Learning Center

The John Inskeep Environmental Learning Center (ELC) is a place where all ages can learn about the environment through hands-on, interactive activities that are both educational and fun!

We offer K-12 class field trips, day camps and a pre-school program - all designed to enrich student learning through outdoor education. Students get to explore, interact with, measure and create within the lush outdoor surroundings of the ELC, which contains both forest and wetland habitat.

For more information about opportunities, contact ELCfieldtrip@clackamas.edu.

Children attending ELC programs are expected to follow Oregon's immunization policy. Please visit the Oregon Health Authority for more information.


  • Notice of ELC event cancellations on CCC campuses

    All K-12 camps and field trips are suspended through spring term 2020, as part of the college’s efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19. For more information on Clackamas Community College's protective efforts, visit the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Notifications page.

ELC programs for kids

School Field Trips: Ecosystems, Food Webs, Adaptations (CANCELED)
School Field Trips: Watershed Health (CANCELED)
Nature Striders Pre-School Program (CANCELED)
Nature Spy Spring Break Camps (CANCELED)
Nature Spy Summer Camps (CANCELED)