Textbook help for CCC students

If you are struggling to afford the costs of textbooks, try one of these resources to find less expensive options.

Low-Cost Textbooks

CCC offers classes that use low-cost materials - meaning the total cost of textbooks and/or materials will be less than $40. Students can find courses with low-cost materials by:

  • Looking for 'LCT' in the course description
  • Asking the instructor
  • Inquiring at the Dye Learning Center

For more information, contact Jane Littlefield at 503-594-3474 or jane.littlefield@clackamas.edu, or Jil Freeman at ext. 3505 or jil.freeman@clackamas.edu.

Book Exchange

Buy and sell your textbooks with the Book Exchange managed by your Associated Student Government.

  • Buying books: The Book Exchange is open during the first two weeks of fall, winter and spring terms, and is also open during finals week of fall and winter terms. The book exchange does not take place summer term.
  • Selling books: If you're looking to buy textbooks, visit the Community Center, room 152 to check out the Associated Student Government inventory. If you wish to sell books, you'll need to fill out a contract with information about the book as well as what you want to charge. Note: ASG charges $2 per contract as a handling fee and does not guarantee the sale of your book. ASG members simply facilitate the process.

Lending Library

With CCC's Lending Library, you can rent a textbook for $20 for the term. The ASG accepts applications on the first Monday of fall, winter and spring terms and helps students on a first-come, first-served basis. Books are limited, but the library is growing each term so check back often.

Book Grants

The ASG offers a limited number of grants to support students who need help paying for textbooks. Find our more on our Associated Student Government Grants page.

Other Options

CCC Library Course Reserves

The CCC Library, located in the Dye Learning Center on the Oregon City campus, offers a number of required textbooks for a two-hour, in-house check out. This is a first-come, first-served, free service, with no limit on how often you can check out the items. Stop by or visit the library's website to see if the library has your book. Don't see the book you need? Contact your instructor and suggest they put a copy in the library for student use. Questions? Contact Derek Cloo at derek.cloo@clackamas.edu.

Interlibrary Loan

If you're working on a research paper and need a book the CCC Library doesn't have in the collection, library staff can try to borrow a copy for free from another library for you. Visit the library's website to log in to your account and request a book or journal article. Questions? Contact ill@clackamas.edu.





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